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"A one-stop-shop to manage all your Merch by Amazon listings."

MerchFlow is the Manage tab 2.0 we all wish Merch by Amazon had.

It's hard to keep an overview of all your published Merch by Amazon listings, especially with outdated dashboards, or other tools that are slow and hard to use - MerchFlow fixes that. It's like a massive, online Excel sheet with all your listings in one single view and in real-time.

MerchFlow is FAST and easy to use - even with hundreds of thousands of listings - and comes with many powerful tools to make your life easier (e.g. Bulk Deleter, Bulk Price Changer, Search/filter functions, ASIN exporter, ...).


Features & Demos

With a click of a button, MerchFlow loads all your listings into one single view. Everything stays on your machine - MerchFlow never shares any data to any external servers.

Click any column header to sort your listings by any metric. For example - sort by Total Sales, by Sales in the past 30 days, by Created Date, by BSR ... whatever you want. The table refreshes in real-time.

Tip 1: Sort by "Past 30 days" sales column to discover your recent top sellers.
Tip 2: Click the "Last Sale Date" header two times (flips sorting direction) to discover products that haven't sold for the longest time.

Filter by any column you like. Just type something into the empty input field below each column and the table refreshes in real-time. Click the small filter icon next to the input fields to open some additional filter options. You can combine as many filter as you like.

Example in the video below - display all listings that have the words "christmas" and "2020" in their title *AND* must be from the US market *AND* product type anything else than Popsockets *AND* must have more than zero sales *AND* must have been uploaded any time before 01/05/21.

Tip 1: Click the "Clear Filters" button on the upper right to reset all filters at once.
Tip 2: Save your own filter combinations as "Quick Filter" for faster access.

Need some free space? Delete multiple listings that you don't need anymore with just one click.

Tip: The filter combinations help you to discover products that can be deleted. Eg. filter for listings with zero sales and that have been created over a year ago.

Change prices of your listings directly inside MerchFlow. Re-price multiple products at once by using the powerful bulk-repricer. Publish all updates with just one click to Amazon and let MerchFlow to the rest. No more manual repricing.

Load additional sales data like BSR rank or Reviews count inside MerchFlow with just one click.

Use Quick Filter for faster access. You can also create your own quick filters.

There's too much to show here. MerchFlow has even more advanced features like Tags, ASIN-Exports and more. Just try it out yourself.


Get Started

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Where is my data stored?

All your data is stored and processed on your machine only. No data ever gets shared to any external servers or databases

Does MerchFlow need my login information?

No. MerchFlow runs on your machine only and you don't need to share any login information.

What does it cost?

MerchFlow is forever free for small Merch accounts (up to 5.000 listings). Bigger accounts can purchase a Lite (up to 25.000 listings) or Pro (unlimited listings) subscription here. All subscriptions come with a 1 week free trial.

I have more questions ...

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